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Svalbard or Spitsbergen: What’s the Difference?

Outside the world of geopolitics or even polar travel, it’s probably not common knowledge that Svalbard and Spitsbergen are one in the same.

Polar Bears and Pack Ice: 22 Pics from North Spitsbergen

Polar Bears, Pack Ice, and : Pictures from North Spitsbergen

The Pack Ice and Polar Bears of North Spitsbergen

We’ve mentioned before that the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard is one of the best places to spot polar bears. We’ve also mentioned that the area’s largest island, Spitsbergen, is excellent not only for...

Seizing the Season: Spitsbergen’s Late Spring, Early Summer

Most Arctic expedition cruises fall into two camps: those that sail during the autumn and winter and focus primarily on the northern lights, and those that sail during the high season (middle to...

Peaks, Fjords, and Auroras: 14 East Greenland Attractions

Nothing against the west coast, but many travelers agree it is more touristic and developed (and hence, less wild and adventurous) than Greenland’s eastern shores.

Svalbard’s 12 Most Iconic Animals

Each of our Arctic areas of operation offers its own unique and equally unforgettable feature: Greenland is great for mountainous shorelines and record-setting fjords, Northern Norway is the place to go for the...

An Incredible Adventure on a Tall Ship

Ever since discovering Svalbard on the map a little over a year ago, I had felt a desperate need to explore this Arctic archipelago for myself. It seemed like a distant and almost...

The Most Enchanting Antarctica Cruise Islands

Whether it’s Greenland in the Arctic or Snow Hill Island in Antarctica, the bulk of our polar expeditions take place around, between, and upon islands.

Greenland: Land of Superlatives

On September 16th, I flew to Iceland and spent an evening in Reykjavik, then crossed the island for the town of Akureyri the next day.

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